Chair Americana and Table Set - Metal and Barn Wood Style Outdoor or Indoor Table & Chair

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This listing is for two Chair Americanas and the matching barn wood table. To order the chairs separately please visit the Chair Americana listing.

Create a tasteful patio or kitchen environment with the "Chair Americana" and matching barn wood table - designed and handmade by the Urban Billy craftsmen in Chicago, IL. We combined the most durable and practical folding chair, with a barn wood style seat and tasteful finish. Each chair is carefully selected and refurbished. Always originally made in good ol' USA. They're reinforced and restored for comfort and style.

The metal on the chair has a new painted finish and triple clear coating to protect from outdoor elements or the occasional spill. The wood planks are carefully sanded and clear coated for durability. Each plank has it's own wood grain tone, adding character to every chair.

Please note: Since the chairs are "reclaimed", each metal frame is similar but not always the exact same. The color, finish, and planks are all matching.

Other colors and custom finishes are available by request. Please contact Urban Billy for a custom order.