All American Rebel Hatchet

All American Rebel Hatchet

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This hatchet has been a workhorse both in our shop and out on adventures with our staff. When it's not chopping wood, it's hanging on the wall as a piece of art. We couldn't find a better hatchet and that's why it made it on our gift guide, by teaming up with the good folks at Man Made Company.


We salute all of our military men and women and thank them for their services in protecting our great nation. The Rebel Hatchet is dedicated to American tradition and carries the colors to prove it.  We decided to throw a bit of vintage Americana to the Rebel Hatchet to represent the past and present. This 1.5 lbs hatchet is not only easy on the eyes but also the perfect camp site companion. Whether you're trimming out the brush or chopping up some kindling the Old Henry will get it done. Hatchet includes a hand made leather sheath built with the toughest cow hide known to man. 

Foundry Finish: Forge finished with sharpened and polished cutting edge.

Polished Finish: Completely polished head and cutting edge.

Made in America by America!

The Axe

“A Man in the wilderness with nothing but a knife will live well but a man with an axe will live like a King”